Virtual box 64bit not supporting solution

The virtual box is virtualization engine. And we are you are use to operate another operating system into our permanent Windows operating systems.But some simple error can make a huge collection of error.Some 64bits computers are not support 64bits operating systems in virtual box.This error we can solve very easily.

1) First we check our BIOS of the computer. We go to the options of boot part.And we can see a option Virtualization we enable that option and save and exit the BIOS.


2) And we go control panel of Windows.And go to application uninstalling segment.And we can see at left side at last of the that sets add additional features of windows. Then open that features and untick the folder of Hyper-V.After the untick we press the OK button. Then it applying its changes and restart the system. The restart can process approximately 10 minutes.

Screenshot (4).png


Screenshot (5).png

After the restart you open the virtual box we can the option 64bit support.

Screenshot (3).png

Use this method for support the 64bit operating systems.

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