WhatsCall Hidden Trick (100%)

The Whatscall is Free Caller App.IT gives you  thousands of calling credits by doing simple activities. You will get 1000  coins calling credits when you signup to WhatsCall app, also you can earn hundreds of calling credits by installing different useful apps to your mobile. Daily check in awards will be added once you check in the app. 100 coin credits will be awarded for each day checking in and 1000 coin credits for checking in 7 days a row. Invite your friends to WhatsCall and get 1000 calling credits each signups.


In whatscall we can see a SpinWheel,and we spin the wheel.But we earn only over the points 10,20,50.But 4H4D hacked the secret of data base.And finally we find the tricks for make more points like 100,200,500.


  • Open the Whatscall app.
  • Check Daily checkup (Optional)
  • Spin the WheelWHEEL.png
  • You get points or Thanks
  • Then Click the result
  • Then it will automatically open ads page (Do not Close or back the ads page)
  • The ads page keep it up (That means 45 or 35 seconds display the ads page on the screen)
  • Then press the back button of your device
  • Then you can see stars ranges in whatscall
  • In 35 seconds you got 4 stars  or 45 seconds you got 5 stars
  • Then respin the wheel
  • You get 100 coins,ratio 8:10
  • You get 200 coins,ratio 5:10
  • You get 500 coins.ratio 3:10
  • Enjoy the credits



This trick Work in normal android phone(No root required)


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